Ladakh – For the Curious Family Tourist

A PhotoBook and PhotoGuide to Ladakh



It is a one-sided love affair. The first time I saw its raw, craggy mountains, standing proud in all their different colors and forms, overlooking valleys, lakes and rivers, I was smitten. My wife and I just can’t seem to get enough of the place and its astounding barren beauty.

This photo-book is my ode to Ladakh. For those who have already visited Ladakh, it should rekindle fond memories and push you into making a second trip. For those who haven’t been to Ladakh, this book should be the prelude to a lovely trip in the near future. The book is predominantly aimed at the casual, family tourist…hard-core trekkers and ice-hockey players may need to look elsewhere.

The photographs in this book capture the essence of the common and some not-so-common tourist spots in Ladakh. It is not an exhaustive guidebook and details about the various monasteries / gompas have been excluded on purpose. If you are interested in Buddhism and the gompas, you can read Partho Banerjee’s excellent treatise on the subject or gather material from Wikipedia.

 Ladakh is all about the journey…the fun is in being able to appreciate the landscape and have enough time to explore and understand. Hopefully you will have an itinerary that allows you this flexibility instead of being packed like sardines in jeeps or buses and rushed through a 7-days tour that can only leave you exhausted and tired.

All the photographs in this book have been taken on a Nikon D80 DSLR or an iPhone 5, mostly by me, some by my wife, kids and Dorjay. I hope you find the photographs and text as stimulating as it has been fun capturing and writing.

About the Author

Bhavin JankhariaBhavin Jankharia practises radiology and writes and is confused about which one is work and which one the hobby.

He fell in love with Ladakh and couldn’t help but publish an ode to this lovely part of India.

In his spare time, he runs…on the road as well as companies…and writes.

Book Excerpt

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